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Friday, July 15, 2011
if it goes through, it will be the third iteration of the coy. but guess who the one single common denominator is? yup. you got it. yet, unfortunately, there are still some peeps with blind faith and optimism who naively see the good not the bad
Wednesday, July 13, 2011
its official. yesterday was a record for the year. by a mile.
Tuesday, July 12, 2011
its only midday. and already its a pageviews record for the year
Saturday, July 09, 2011
never ever forget i'm one of very few that know the system inside out. and never forget i worked as an imp only cos i enjoyed exploring my creativity, even though i'm a programmer with a CS degree. so when i do stuff, i only do the more cheem things. but still .. i can't help but lol at that. it is a stroke of 'suck on that' genius ..
Wednesday, July 06, 2011
from don't know yet not confirm.. to there's been a few interest in that period.. to been offered a role.. to finally owner founder. hollywood would have been proud.
Sunday, July 03, 2011
i love white spaces. it was not something new when i started implementing them into my interfaces. and i had to cop plenty of flak. but now with google rolling out their new interfaces, i guess those people won't be using google any more huh ..
Friday, July 01, 2011
the past few nights made me realise one good thing. i no longer have to put up with what they dare call good quality, but what we used to call shit. what they believe is modern, we know its outdated. what they claim is a process, we say its too much talk not enough action. what they think is hardworking, we call it slow and inefficient. ah yes. the pre them days. good times. especially the wi3 and simp&limp era.
Thursday, June 16, 2011
the inevitable has happened. not happy though with the way it was handled. nine thirty in the morning was the meeting. by eleven thirty, the original peeps were out. we did not even have time to properly pack our stuff. but form that face and the voice .. i smell something fucking fishy
Thursday, June 02, 2011
good cookies cleared. bad cookies remain. go figure.

but on the other hand, its effing ecstasy to witness the slow entropy of the inevitable. this is what happens when u follow the ways of the darkside instead of vice versa
Wednesday, June 01, 2011
absolutely disgusted
Tuesday, May 24, 2011
just wanna keep rotflol. have always said. its not us. its them. and their old outdated childish clueless ways. why we follow them instead is still a fucking big mystery. time to get back to getting your socks dirty instead of trying to look and sound good.
Sunday, May 08, 2011
to all my friends. please keep reminding me for the next five years to never bring my parents to Universal Studios but to Italy instead. i will then become an MP, i will regret the Universal Studios decision, and i sure win one ... bila mau Maju lah?
Friday, April 29, 2011
the most expensive { (device | gadget) | transformers } i've ever bought for (myself | mama) has arrived and its not even a ( PC | laptop | tablet ) nor a ( fridge | washing machine | LED TV | sound system | smartphone | camera )*
Thursday, April 28, 2011
polling card in the mail, together with ... uhm nothing else. no info. no booklet. no pamphlets. everything bo. more importantly, nothing on any available provisions should one can't make it on polling day. pfft. to think i called perth (oz) backwards.
Wednesday, April 20, 2011
damn it. just one more day. in fact, its only less than 12 hours. and i could have voted and uhm .. made a huge difference.
Monday, April 18, 2011
sorry but i honestly can't help watching out for the maid every time i see a guy in army fatigues. although if i see one now, i don't think it would look as bad or silly as the 2 patrolling army escort in the airport, wearing sunnies, acting macam cool
Thursday, April 14, 2011
before all the wishes flow in, wish all the best to my Supergirl Princess too, who is preparing to get poked and prodded again by the cardiac doctors later today.
Thursday, March 31, 2011
assuming the wrong (real) reason and trying to act (stupidly) like big fuck. but worse. still don't realise the core of the real problem. yup. it will continue to be a revolving (already well known from the past) door for (sadly) smart cookies.
Wednesday, March 30, 2011
since 1998, i'm used to cleaning shit up. but now, for the first time ever, i'm forced to put shit in instead.
Tuesday, March 29, 2011
how much more lower-than-mcnuts-level do you want me to go?
Thursday, March 24, 2011
in the past, such poor shit was not accepted, got turned back, or frowned upon. it even entailed wtf-is-going-on assemblies. these days, it gets easily accepted. easily passed through. no questions asked. all you need is to just talk and talk and take your time to produce such inferiority shit. if this is progression, count me out. cos that wrinkled carrot hanging in the rearview mirror is way past its expiry date
Saturday, March 05, 2011
last remaining one off to greener pastures tonight. all the best.
Monday, February 14, 2011
feels like shit. looks like shit. works like shit. so how can it not be shit.
Friday, January 21, 2011
3 days late ... but welcome to this world Fabian Jr !
Wednesday, January 19, 2011
from cepat jalan to hentak kaki while ke belakang pusing until semula now
Friday, December 31, 2010
in my unwavering commitment to support recycling, i am (again*7) re-using this year's resolutions for 2011
Thursday, December 02, 2010
so. is that how it is now ...
Tuesday, October 26, 2010
some things never change while others will never be the same
Monday, October 25, 2010
back home after scoring a front seat yet again. awesome leg stretch while sitting beside a professor from curtin business school who knows my academic referee very well. now staring at my suitcase but mindblast superpower not working. must be tired. need sleep. someone wake me up at 9:30am for work please.
Thursday, October 21, 2010
west coast has more melayu stores now but everytime i'm back there, i can't afford to go past my old fav mamak stall (now no. 49) for his sop kambing and beefsteak goreng. then 51 home to take in the changes in pandan and teban gardens, then JTC rd, then JE interchange. but it all still feels like home. guess that's what having JE int and JE MRT as an FUP for 18+10 yrs does to you. damn you woodlands.
Monday, October 18, 2010
got reminded this morning why i used to catch a bus from teban gardens to world trade center, grab a quick bai sap kopi, catch another bus to eunos, then yet another to temasek tampines campus. yes it does sound painful, but honestly it was more comfy than the morning peak hour crowd in the mrt trains ... 14 years on and its now 14x worse !!
Sunday, October 17, 2010
while ion is new, its neighbours across each road still the same BUT no more "burger king opp lido" aka "grange road days lepak corner" !! orchard road really is very different now but it was good to recall with PP the spots our gang used to hang out when we skipped classes or had to "study" for tests. sigh grange road days ...
Friday, August 20, 2010
in our culture, have a problem, we sort it there and then, and move on. not wait and only then action. that's why it was so strange weird stupid and not normal. anyways. 2 in 2. any more?
Tuesday, January 19, 2010
no mood and motivation when integrity is questioned
Tuesday, September 08, 2009
major wtf. we have been lied to.
Friday, May 15, 2009
its PURPLE not pink ok ...
Thursday, November 06, 2008
Friday, December 21, 2007
for those who are dying to win an EOTY award because it means the world to them. here's the SIMP tips and hints on how to be one ...

apart from all the good shit and the little extras that's expected of you, you first need to have a bombastic hairdo. preferbly one that looks like Godzilla's blow-dried pubic hair upside down. you will need to curse and swear and artfully show the middle finger at your dual monitors everytime something works but its still not to perfection. warning here though. do not. i repeat. do not, at all cost, point the middle finger if something does not work. that is only for the masses. those people who are not EOTY material. us EOTYs have to be different from the rest and be unorthodox.

cursing and swearing does not end there. you will need to infuse that wonderful language as punctuations for everything that comes out from your mouth. you will also need to bitch a lot and throw constant tantrums like a grumpy old man.

age will also play a huge part. you will need to be 30 and above for any chance to win EOTY. if you're not there yet, well, act like one then. but if you are already 30 like the SIMP, you will need to behave in a manner where others will go wondering if you're really 30 or actually only 18. you will need to bounce a ball every so often. go around shooting people with your hand. do silly things like saluting everyone. bottomline is, be a crazy bloke. it does sound ironic, but trust me, it helps.

next. you will also need to be able to put down fucknuts who think they're smarter than you. you will definately need a pair of big balls for this. so if you still don't have one, go get them from Balls R' Us. christmas sales are on. do not waste this opportunity for a good deal. you can tell a good big pair if you're able to use them to barge into a room and interrupt a meeting to tell them off.

you will need to be mentally sharp in your thinking. be creative. do not limit your creativity to only your work. use it to come up with nicknames for your colleagues. use it to draw an illustration of what Kaizen means. use it to come up with silly but cool quotes.

finally. be sure to drink a lot of coffee so you're always edgy and tend to have constant outburst of silly motions now and then. also, if you don't smoke, go pick up the habit. you will look cool.

so there you have it. the SIMP's guide for those aspiring to be an EOTY like him. go try it out. if you don't win it next year. then its not me. its you. you're probably just simply a dumbass fucknut.
Saturday, November 03, 2007
R.I.P Charmaine Dragun ...
Saturday, September 09, 2006
another shock death to befall another australian legend in a week. on the 4th was the crocodile hunter Steve Irwin. yesterday was aussie motor racing legend Peter Brock. i'm no Holden fan but still Brock was a legend. the King of the Mountain. and he was mentor to Craig Lowndes. along with many other current drivers. and an inspiration to many under privelage kids in Australia. but like Steve Irwin. Brock was killed doing what he loved. that is racing. he was competing in the West Australian Targa Rally. a tarmac rally. where he lost control of his car and hit a big tree.

R.I.P Steve Irwin and Peter Brock. all you other Aussie Legends better stay at home this month.
Wednesday, February 22, 2006
i sat peacefully on the benches just outside David Jones in perth waiting for sunshine. when suddenly someone grabbed my hat from behind and went hey. i spun around but did not recognise that ugly face staring at me. some stupid bitch with big shades thinking they were cool with a green beanie covering probably her even uglier hair style. she stared back at me looking surprised. she: "oh sorry i thought you were a friend". a smiling me: "heh no worries".

i then leaned forwards to grab back my hat when she pulled her hand holding my hat away and retorted back saying it was hers. and that's when i exploded and shouted back at her "what the fuck are you talking about. that's mine". she then stammered asking me are you sure so i shouted back hell yeah its mine and grabbed my hat back with one hand while the other .. which was holding on to a neatly pressed graduation gown .. at a ready to swing at that bitch hard should she retaliate back. lucky she did not cos i was really spoiling for a fight. been a long time. anyways she then sat behind for awhile with an ugly flustered look. then later moved away. to hell with her. you one fucking ugly black biatche wannabe.
Wednesday, December 14, 2005
finally some calm last night on the streets of Sydney. there has been unrest the past few nights. racially fuelled riots. it all began on sunday when a group of peaceful protestors gathered in one of south Sydney's beaches at Cronulla in the morning. but the crowd grew come afternoon. alcohol filled dickheads. fuelled by some white supremists. and started going after whomever who remotely looked middle eastern. because what happened was some days before. 2 lifeguards were beaten up by some middle eastern thugs. and these thugs have been terrorising the beaches.

so the protestors had gathered that day to say enough. but with all the alcohol and stuff. what transpired was quite scary. and shameful. the crowd. in droves. chased after some poor guys they think were middle eastern. even bashed up a few others. the police on location were outnumbered but they had to protect the people being attacked. and the crowd shamelessly attacked the police. and even the ambulance people.

these horrible scenes. shown on tv that afternoon. fuelled the lebanese people. so at night they went out. rampaging through the streets of another beach. where surf gang the Bra Boys hung out. it was the stupid media that somehow mention the Bra Boys gang. hence the united Lebs. christians and muslims. went in search for revenge in their area. smashing cars and bashing innocent bystanders who stood in their way.

come monday night. some idiot spread a rumour through sms that the Bra Boys were coming to attack the Lebanese mosque. so the Lebs heeded the call and gathered outside the mosque to protect it. and the volume of that crowd. my god you'll be thinking if that was Sydney or Iraq. but the rumour was just that. a rumour. the police had cordoned of the area. and they did managed to stop some of the Bra Boys from making the rumour true by confiscating their weapons. but some Leb thugs still went around in cars and vans. trashing everything they can in the name of revenge.

last night was calmer. more police now patrolling the streets. but you can really feel the tension in the air. the police though are still expecting more retaliatry attacks from both sides. especially this weekend. although its good to see the Bra Boys and this other Bikie gang .. who apparently has a large number of lebanese members .. have brokered a truce between them. its now the lebanese street gangs and thugs that the police and residents are worried about.

racial riots and racially motivated attacks. of this scale. is something i never really expect to see here in Australia. i do blame Little Johnny though. with all the push for his controversial new anti-terror laws. its no wonder many dumb uneducated white aussies see every middle eastern man or woman as the enemy. i've always thought there were many educated white aussies here. but somehow they seem to prove me more wrong by the day.

that fateful day on sunday. the so called middle eastern people that were attacked by the mob. well a few were middle eastern but they were there to support the cause but got beaten up instead. two others were bangledeshi overseas students who vowed never to return to a fucking racist australia. and one was an italian man whom i hope and pray will not call down his Godfather gang for revenge.
Friday, December 02, 2005
melbourne dude Van Nguyen has been hanged this morning in singapore. i've been keeping mum past few days over the media circus past few weeks. there were even treats of stopping SIA from flying in to australia .. and cutting trade ties between the two countries. yeah right. see my point of view. yeah maybe the penalty is a bit harsh. but the law is the law. when Van was arrested and convicted of drug trafficking three years ago. the aussie governmt didn't do anything. in fact the spore governmt were asking the aussies to help extradite this other aussie dude for a double murder in singapore but the aussie governmt refused. but past few days/weeks. there has been a rush of trying to get the spore governmt to grant clemency. they were even threatening to bring the matter to the international courts to fight the death penalty as illegal. but duh. you no help us last time. we no help you now.

before Van. there were hundred others who have been excuted by hanging. why didn't the aussie governmt fight for all these people then. and besides. there was no double standards. its not like local sporeans get away with drug trafficking while foreigners get hanged. pffft. no. and the law is the law. spore don't tell aussie how to govern the country or their laws are wrong. and it should be same vice-versa. the media here really have been hard on spore for even having the death penalty. harlow. why don't you go all critical about the many states in your good friend USA who also have the death penalty by lethal injection. and like everyone knows all SEA countries have the death penalty. so you want to traffic drugs. either don't traffic through these countries. or don't get caught lar.

and the suggestion of a minute's silence at the time of Van's execution. how fucking ridiculous is that. its not like he's some fucking hero. yar. maybe a hero to drugheads. duh. but i'm glad to see more than 90 percent of perth people disagreed with the notion of a minute's silence for Van.
Friday, September 23, 2005
meeting four pretty ladies tonight for dinner. mmmm. but first. i'm leaving for the bank soon. then got things to buy. and more this and that to do. sigh. i thought this was supposed to be a holiday.
Saturday, September 03, 2005
the following is from the online

the US appears to have failed the first major test of new security arrangements since the September 11 attacks as the superpower struggles to cope with the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina ..

oh oh. hopeless BUSHit is in big trouble. people are calling for his head. well that's nothing new. but no wait. its the Howard government that i'm not happy with. back with the tsunami disaster. they pledged only a meager sum of donation to the Indonesian people. and when criticised. they said its because they need to wait and see and understand the full extent of the damage before pledging more. but now with Katrina. only into a few days and they're already pledging 10 million. what the fuck Johnny.

yes. the US victims needs your symphaty. our symphaty. but money? fuck you Johnny. we are talking about a superpower here. well they always claim to be and always arrogant enough to believe they are. they have billions to send failed missions into space. they have billions to build nuclear weapons but yet control other nations from having them. they put in billions into defence and safeguards after September 11. so why the fuck 10 million pledged immediately. took you almost a month to pledge more for the Indons. why? is it because they're asians? they're a poorer country? fuck you again Johnny.

and the US slow actions in New Orleans. pfft. what a disgrace BUSHit. i really pity the victims. one would have thought with all your military might and what not. after Sept 11. after the Tsunami disaster. the US would have been more prepared. i'm not talking about minimising the effects of Katrina. but the actions taken to keep the situation under control after the tragedy. tsk tsk BUSHit. oh by the way. have you found Osama yet? how come there's still terror in Iraq after Saddam? BUSHit. u all talk no action.
Friday, January 14, 2005
greenx :
so Mr Bush can u confirm reports that you are finally giving up the search for WMD in Iraq?

BUSHit :
now let me correct you. we are not giving up. we are simply reallocating resources for more important stuff now like uhm .. the tsunami tragedy.

greenx :
so are u saying once the tsunami tragedy has been resolved u would go back to Iraq to continue looking for WMD?

BUSHit :
well it all depends. this tragedy is a very big one. it might take years to resolve this.

greenx :
u have not answered the question. are u or are u not going to continue looking for the WMD in Iraq?

BUSHit :
i'm sorry what was your question again? i just had a party last night with my wild daughters so my hearing is a little bad today.

greenx :
fuck it. my next question then. after 2 futile years of searching for WMD in Iraq do u now agree that Mr Hans Blix might be right in saying that there has been no evidence of WMD in Iraq to warrant an invasion?

BUSHit :
please get your word right u punk. it was not an Invasion. it was more of us liberating the nation of Iraq. Saddam was a dictator who struck fear in his people. there was no freedom there.

greenx :
but isn't the situation in Iraq worse now then when Saddam was in place? under Saddam people fear to tread wrongly but they can still freely go out of their houses. wheareas now because of all the bombings and the fighting and the chaos .. no one even dares to leave their house. is this what u call being liberated?

BUSHit :
can someone get this guy a dictionary? no no not that Webster one. give him the Bush Dictionary of Dodgy Politics.

greenx :
oh thanks u idiot but i trust my Webster one. my next question. how the hell in the first place did u came up with that 40mins to deployment figure?

BUSHit :
oh that. cool isn't it the figure. considering i was one who was never into studying during my college days. always having parties .. drinking and womanising. so i had to use what i learned in elementary school maths to come up with that figure.

greenx :
oh now that explains a lot about your intelligence. anways are you now going to apologise to the Iraqi people for the mess that u have caused?

BUSHit :
apologise? what the fuck for. it's not my country. my main priority is my own country. i do not stick my nose up in other countries affairs.

greenx :
yeah right .. whatever. anways thanks for wasting my time. i'm flying back to australia now so can u please unstuck my prime minister Johnny the gnome Howard from your ass? cos i need his plane to get back.

BUSHit :
who .. Johnny? oh yes sure .. just a minute. he loves sticking his nose up my ass u see so it might take awhile to pry him off.
Friday, December 24, 2004
Dear Santa ... i know its late to be sending you this letter now .. a day before christmas. but screw you .. you forgetful old bastard. i wished for the winning lotto number to win the lotto draw last year so i could use it to buy a new house .. start my business .. and pay off my study loans. but no. not even a reply from you. so i had a theory. it's either you did not receive my letter which i sent out through email .. or you are just simply too old to know how to use a computer and retrieve emails .. or you were just inundated with stupid wishlists by little kids that mine was lost in the pile. so this year i've decided to sent you my letter a day before christmas so mine would be on the top of the pile. by the way .. this year's lotto jackpot draw is at 31 million .. but nah .. not this year .. i've decided to give others a chance of winning it.

i have been a very good boy this year. very very good boy indeed. i've done many good deeds. indeed i have. too many i can't even name one. just like you .. i'm getting old you know. easily forgetful. but luckily i've got written down .. my wishlist for this year.

firstly .. i'd like to ask for permission to kill all those fake santas out on the streets .. in the malls .. on television .. just about everywhere. it's very annoying. it really is. it's so overdone these days. and the fact that its summer here in australia .. seeing these pirated santas in winter clothing irks me. cos i love winter. i miss winter. miss it very much. and its still a long way to winter from now. so it annoys me very much to see idiots in winter clothing. but you don't have to grant me permission to kill those cute santa little helpers .. and the many miss santas clad in very tiny bikinis. i love them. they don't bother me at all. nope they don't.

next i wish you would change your colour scheme. it's getting old. it's getting boring .. your red. please change it to some other colour like oh .. uhm .. green for instance. it's not because i like green. it's cos a fat red santa looks like some overgrown red apple with a long thick blob of white pubic hair sticked to the top. have you ever looked yourself in the mirror? you're ugly in that suit. so why green? uhm .. well .. err .. cos green is good? it matches your little helper elves? uhm whatever.

finally .. just a few other things i need. i wish for a 3 in 1 printer .. all of Craig Lowndes' scaled model cars since 1996 .. a house i can call my own with a big backyard so i can pick up gardening again .. a legit driver's license and a 6.2 litre FPV GTP BA Falcon car for me to drive to the Supa Valu store round the corner .. a Flynn and William Hung dart board and a Bush Blair Howard punching bag for me to vent my frustrations should i get stressed over work .. and my last wish for this year .. is for me to get laid tomorrow evening.

by the way .. if you're wondering why you've got 2 Rudolphs now .. it's cos i couldn't get hold of the original Rudolph to send my letter to you .. so i went and got another reindeer and punch it's nose till it became as red as Rudolph's nose. so santa .. till next year then .. happy holidays to you and oh please do lose more weight before you really get stuck in them chimney holes.

Your Goody 2-Shoes
greenyphunk aka greeniepunk
Saturday, December 04, 2004
singapore idol. just completed. never a fan. never followed it at all. never believed in singapore acts cos most are defined by the media bigwigs. they can't really be what theywanna be or do what they wanna do. it's so controlled .. an environment .. as with almost everything else in singapore. so unless you're an indie act or with an indie label .. to most other singapore acts .. up yours. but that's not my point.

i found out that it turns out that both the winner and the runner up got the same recording contract. many will say both are winners. maybe. but everyone is forgetting who the losers are. it's the masses. you .. yes you .. the public masses .. helpless mind drones controlled by the media .. lost in the frenzied euphoria of celebrating talents freakishly worth idolising in singapore .. puppets of a money making scheme called the singapore idols. i have nothing against fans of both finalists. nono. sit down and think for a moment. if we all had known that both finalists gets the same recording contract .. then why waste the money calling or sms-ing your votes at all?

isn't it so fucked. like i said .. it's just a big elaborate scheme by the organisers .. to steal your money. look at it this way. who gains from this? not the winner's fans .. nor the runner up's fans .. since both are gonna cut an album .. it's the media bigwigs .. who apparently aren't richenough. shitty ain't it .. voting like crazy for your winner cos you want him to win .. cut an album .. and go on world idols .. which apprently IS NOT happening .. only to find out the loser also wins.

but what's the difference you ask .. with most losers of the other idols in the other countries also getting a recording deal. well simple. these losers gain so much popularity that the recording companies just had to cash in on that. with thesingapore idols .. it's actually all planned out even before knowing who the loser is. so it's not because the loser is popular. i find this really really fucked. i mean if i had known this .. i'd have run a campaign telling everyone not to vote at all ..and have the finals end in a stalemate. i mean come to think of it. both finalists are perfect to be exploited at one go. one being a mat yoyo .. the other a cina ah beng. the mat yoyo can have a go at the malaysian or indonesian market .. while the cina ah beng can go ply his trade with the taiwanese or china people.

so to the organisers of the singapore idol .. a big up yours to you mate .. for exploiting the poor unwitting participants .. thepublic masses .. in your evil money making scheme. me .. i'm glad i'm not caught up in your web of deceit .. you evil low life shameless scums ...
Tuesday, August 17, 2004
was just reading this report on the Singapore Idols. about this certain wacko. who's got this watermelon mask over his head. making a fool of himself during the auditions. but wait. im not really interested in him. no no. what i wanna point out is. that apparently this dude didnt even reach the audition stages. the stage where a contestant fronts the judges in a room. but what was shown on tv suggested otherwise. damn i never expect this kinda thing to happen in singapore. granted the producers wanted to spice the show up. but hey. that's not the way to do it. reminds me of my ethics lecturer during uni. when he asked us. how do u know if what u see on the tv is really happening. anyone out there also remember Barry Levinson’s wag the dog ?? makes u wonder don't it. with the advancement of technology making the splicing of images easy. how much of the spore tv is real. how much is made up ?? think propaganda.
Saturday, June 19, 2004
i miss being nagged at and arguing over directions in the car. miss dodging slippers being thrown at me. miss sipping coffee over animated discussions on diablo strategies. miss cursing and swearing at the PC monitor after spending hours cracking my brain and straining my eyes. only to realise i left out a semi-colon or a curly bracket.

i miss hearing my mobile ringtone. and answering the call to talk or gossip for hours over the line. miss walking home alone late at night wondering if i'll get mugged. miss coming up with conspiracy theories as to why lecturers wanna fail students. miss the staircase and the coffee from the vending machine at the Curtin CS building. and cursing at that same horrible coffee while scaring the shit out of the new CS students. yes i miss a lot of things.
Thursday, September 04, 2003
*YAWNS* just woke up from bed. got back home here in perth from my short vacation to sydney and melbourne. total of two weeks we spent. me & pURpLex .........